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Heavily inspired by art, history and poetry Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia, the two designers and visionaries behind the quirky brand ‘Mineheart’, believe that interior objects should tell stories as well as be functional. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK Mineheart has complete control over the quality of their products and are able to offer a bespoke service. This dedication and passion shows in the sheer quality of the brand’s products with the Rugs being one of the collections to display this.

You can explore Mineheart’s Rug Collection here at Naken Interiors. The majority of the Mineheart Rug Collection consists of Cowhide rugs in both tradition painting designs and contemporary patterns. The Prince Albert rug by Mineheart is one of the more traditional designs based on renaissance art that has been printed on a cow hide effect material through digital printing. All of the renaissance style designs in this collection are modified slightly by designer Joao Figuieredo who has defaced the paintings slightly by taking away certain aspects of the painting and replacing it with the colour of the fabric resulting in the appearance of darkness. This modification of these traditional painting is one of the reason that these rugs by Mineheart are so intriguing. This playful style transforms the traditional trend of displaying valuable, historic portraits in on the wall in your home and turns it into a decorative piece for your floors resulting in a contemporary interior design accompanied with the tasteful alterations of the paintings to create a haunting yet surreal aesthetic. The traditional renaissance portrait prints of rugs such as the Prince Albert, Emperors Dream, Charlotte designs are all printed onto a black cowhide effect that is very dark rather eerie effect.

Other designs featured on a cowhide effect by Mineheart are printed on a white cowhide effect material. The Gypsy Cowhide rug design by Mineheart is a much lighter and more uplifting aesthetic consisting of a vibrant and colourful ditsy floral print that is mirrored down the vertical centre line of the cowhide. Inspired by a gypsy styled pattern this bohemian style is a playful addition to any home.

Bold and immediately the centre of attention, the rug collection by the quirky brand Mineheart takes inspiration from a variety of antique art and the collaboration of designers ensures that each design is completely new and exclusive to the Mineheart brand through material used, alteration of the prints and paints/ colours used to result in a eclectic product offering.

Explore Mineheart’s diverse range of Rugs here at Naken Interiors below.

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