Designer Contemporary Rugs from Massimo in Denmark

Massimo Rugs

Massimo’s Tribeca, Vintage, Sumace and RYA designer rugs show their Danish heritage with the use of hand woven natural materials and colour. The Lopez, Marrakesh, Bamboo and Earth designer rug display bold pattern and colour. 

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Massimo Bamboo Rug

Hand knotted and hand woven, this exceptional Massimo rug uses pure bamboo to create its unique and ..

from £610.00
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Massimo Bubbles Rug

With an appearance that matches its name, the Bubbles Rug by Massimo has been lovingly crafted by ha..

from £580.00
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Massimo Earth Rug

Combining the finest natural materials with traditional production methods, the Massimo Earth Rug is..

from £440.00
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Massimo Leather Rug

Truly original and seriously decadent, this stylish Massimo rug is made entirely from leather. The b..

from £510.00
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Massimo Lopez Ivan Rug

The Lopez Collection by Massimo celebrates truly vibrant, bold and modern design and injects this br..

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Massimo Lopez Selma Rug

The Massimo Lopez Selma Rug is a bold and modern piece for your home, designed with inspiration from..

from £680.00
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Massimo Marrakesh Rug

As its name suggests, this natural grey rug from Massimo takes its inspiration from Morocco. It has ..

from £430.00
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Massimo RYA Rug

With a shaggy, almost fluffy texture the Rya Rug by Massimo is one of those that you want to sink yo..

from £540.00
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Massimo Sumace Rug

Beautifully designed and completely hand knotted through, the Sumace Rug by Massimo is a stylish pie..

from £265.00
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Massimo Tribeca Rug

Beautifully crafted, natural and sustainably designed, the Tribeca Rug by Massimo is rich in its bla..

from £580.00
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Massimo Vintage Rug

Original and entirely unique, the Vintage Rug by Massimo is a wonderfully stylish and modern piece f..

from £890.00
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Naken Interiors Non-Slip Rug Holds

This is a premium high performance rug and mat underlay which has been developed and engineered to o..

from £12.00
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Massimo Rugs, Contemporary Designer Scandinavian Rugs

Many living spaces and homes do not feel complete without the right soft furnishings and Massimo Rugs are effortlessly stylish, wide-ranging in style and design and could be that finishing touch your room was looking for. Quality is at the heart of everything that is offered by Massimo, a Danish company that specialises in handwoven and hand-knotted rugs. Producing only the highest quality, originally designed wool rugs since 2001, Massimo ensures only the finest yarns are used in their creations and combine the traditional art of rug making with contemporary, attractive designs. At Naken Interiors we are proud to offer a variety of exceptional creations from Massimo, with many different styles, sizes and types available. Our range encompasses many of the key line collections Massimo rugs currently offer and many of the pieces in our range can be chosen in a range of sizes and colours. Our collection represents the most traditional living or sleeping space rugs as well as those designed for a purpose such as hall runners. The Massimo Lopez collection stands out with absolute vibrancy, embracing geometric patterns, warm, inviting colours and bold shapes. As with all Massimo rugs each piece in the Lopez collection has been handwoven and the simplicity of the designs allows the intricacy of the production method to truly speak volumes. Both ends of the design spectrum are catered for by Massimo, as their rugs represent brightness and vibrancy as well as including creations such as the Rya and Earth rugs which can be selected in natural, earthy tones or monochromatic shades which allow the rug to blend effortlessly into its surrounds or coordinate simply with whatever style or décor you have chosen. Rugs such as the GlobalGYPSY further embrace the versatility of Massimo’s collection as both grey and multi-coloured choices mean the same classic style and premium Kilim Wool can be enjoyed in very different homes.

As well as their commitment to style and wide-ranging designs and patterns, Massimo rugs are an example of tradition and heritage. The methods used to produce each rug have been honed throughout the centuries and are designed to last a lifetime, using only the finest yarns and keeping those traditional crafting methods alive. Combining the height of modern design with this traditional, ancient production method, delivers pieces that Massimo should be fiercely proud of and that Naken Interiors showcase and sell with pride. The collections designed and created by Massimo are far reaching in both their design and the sheer range they’re able to offer, with many of the pieces available in a huge range of sizes as well as colours, allowing customers to find a piece which perfectly fits the space they have available. The products are definitely suited to your most regularly used living space, for adding warmth but many of them are also perfectly suited to bedroom use, use in a secondary living area or even, in the case of the Sumace collection in particular, in the hallway. Naken Interiors introduce our Massimo Rugs Range with enthusiasm and believe one of these rugs could be the piece you’re looking for.

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