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RIG-TIG is a design collection and brand by Stelton. It is a specialist collection that focuses on kitchenware and it brings a combination of real solid function and traditional Scandinavian design to your contemporary kitchen. RIG-TIG is a stylish modern design collection which brings together the real function of each kitchen item with an eye for exceptional modern style that doesn’t disappoint. The modern edge to each piece in this collection makes it even more attractive to the consumer and ensures it has a place in almost any modern kitchen or dining room.

The philosophy behind the RIG-TIG collection is functionality but they really haven’t forgotten style the clean lines and muted tones epitomise their Danish style and creative flair. The collection and brand has been created by Stelton who are committed to a vision of becoming the most innovative and trend setting design brand based on the traditional Scandinavian philosophy and this definitely comes through with RIG-TIG.

RIG-TIG has received many awards for its designed from the prestigious Red Dot 2015 Best of the Best Award from their EASY Collection and the IF Design Gold Award 2015 for the COOL-IT water carafe. They have also picked up several Design PLUS awards for many of their pieces including the COOK & SERVE ovenproof dish and the CRUSH-IT pestle & mortar.

The RIG-TIG Collection includes a wide range of different pieces for the kitchen and dining room. The pieces include bowls and general pieces which may have a wide range of different purposes whilst others have specific roles in your space such as serving boards and pepper grinders and mills. Many of the items have a specific purpose such as providing storage for specific types of kitchen utensil or foods whilst others are more versatile such as the HIDE-IT storage jar which can be used for the storage of anything you choose.

RIG-TIG is a stylish collection which should appeal to contemporary home owners who look to add a really original yet classically stylish element to their dining tables and kitchenware ranges. The function of each piece may be at the forefront of the designer’s mind but it doesn’t take over from the aesthetic appeal of their pieces. Many of them are a combination of different muted tones as well as blacks, whites and greys which are easy to blend into environments with a wide range of different colour schemes and styles. The whole RIG-TIG collection is easy to coordinate with pieces you already have in your dinner or kitchenware range and many of them sit wonderfully together too if you’re thinking of adding a whole new dimension to your space or replacing a wide range of different pieces in your collection.

RIG-TIG are very passionate about their heritage and their commitment to traditional Danish and Scandinavian design concepts and this comes through in every piece in their range and ensures they are at the cutting edge of both of what is on trend and what is quintessential contemporary in the modern interior design market.

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