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Claire Gaudion Rugs
The Claire Gaubion luxury floor rug brand is renowned for their traditional flat weave, hand tufted and hand knotted rugs with each technique being used in separate collections. The Reef Collection boasts a simple yet effective two-toned pattern achieved through a flat weave, the Island Rhythms Collection is a versatile collection with rugs boasting expressive patterns in hand-knotted construction and the Geometric Seascapes Collection has been designed using plush hand-tufted techniques. Browse the full Claire Gaudion luxury rug portfolio below.

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British luxury rug brand, Claire Gaudion, is celebrated for their traditionally woven collection of premium rugs that boast modern and colourful patterns, plain colours and shapes for designs that are fresh and timeless. The Claire Gaudion rugs vary in weave with designs ranging from flat weaves, hand-tufted to hand-knotted with many of the designs consisting of 100% wool and others boasting a linen-viscose mix. As well as the construction of the luxury rugs by Claire Gaudion being varied, the aesthetics are also incredibly versatile with each rug collection featuring a singular or multiple similar rug designs. All of the rugs designed and manufactured by Claire Gaudion are available in three sizes, 120cm by 180cm, 170cm by 230cm and 200cm by 300cm. Contemporary and modern, the Claire Gaudion luxury rug brand is highly acclaimed and awarded for their ultimate quality, years of rug design experience and bold, beautiful and fresh designs. 

The Reef Rug Collection is a beautiful series of simple yet effective hand-woven rugs using a traditional shuttle loom weaving technique by artisans based in Portugal, therefore, resulting in a luxury rug design that is rooted in tradition. The visual designs of the Reef Rugs have taken great inspiration from the brand's roots of Guernsey Island's reefs and ever-changing seascapes which are referenced in the decorative patterns. The Reef Rugs by Claire Gaudion are all flat weave in construction for a smooth surface and bold aesthetic that is also easy to clean. The Claire Gaudion Reef Rug Collection features a selection of similar, two-toned designs that are simple yet effective in style with the weave resulting in a small, interlocking pattern that travels across the entire rug and a plain coloured width border to prevent wear and tear. The Reef Rug Collection consists of the Roque Noir Rug, Les Hoffetts Rug,  La Mers Rug, Grunnettes de Sablons Rug and the Boue Coneille Rug. If you prefer more of a luscious rug design that is incredibly soft to touch, the premium hand-tufted rugs featured in the brand's Geometric Seascapes Rug Collection.  Bold colours and two-dimensional shapes, the Geometric Seascapes Collection is extremely bright, colourful and bold ensuring that each rug is the main focal point when you walk into the room. Drawing inspiration from Guernsey's dramatic coastal landscapes, the Geometric Seascapes Rug Collection merges contemporary style with traditional, premium quality woollen yarns and the finest hand-tufted weaving technique that has been used in the textiles industry for centuries for a thick pile texture that is incredibly plush. The bold patterns of the Geometric Seascapes Rugs have been carefully carved out of the rug for a bol and accentuating pattern. The Claire Gadion Geometric Rug Collection features a selection of seven unique geometric patterned designs that comprise of the Rhythmic Tides Rug, La Coupeé Teal Rug, L'Eree Ochre Rug, Divette Rose Rug, Bordeaux Vert Rug, Tielles Rose Rug and the Sark Coupeé Taupe Rug. The final collection of the Claire Gaudion luxury floor rug portfolio is the beautiful Island Rhythms Collection, a series of traditionally hand-knotted rug designs that boasts a flat yet soft and luxurious pile. The ancient craft of hand knotting has remained unchanged for generations due to it's extremely durable and soft construction that ensures that your hard or carpeted floor is layered with a beautifully made rug that will add comfort, warmth and style to your interior decor scheme. The Claire Gaudion Island Rhythms Collection are made from naturally durable and sustainably sourced 100% wool which is extremely soft, hard wearing and breathable ensuring that each rug will last in your home or commercial space for long periods of time. The Island Rhythms Rug Collection by Claire Gaudion comprises of six beautifully unique designs with each design mimicking the shapes, colours and patterns of the ever-changing sea and landscapes of the Guernsey Island. this expressive collection features the Fontenelle Rug, Grand Havre Rug, Jerbourg Rug, Lihou Rug, Portinfer Rug and the Vazon Rug. Explore the full Claire Gaudion rug collection above.  

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