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Purveyors of both the height of modern design and a commitment to traditional, historic production methods, Massimo is one design company who have a foot in both the past and present. Producing rugs of exceptional quality using methods which have been tried and tested for centuries, Massimo pieces demonstrate modern style and flair, as well as exuding the passion and care the creators have for their product.

Massimo was founded in 2001 by Mads Frandsen in Denmark and has an exceptional range of rugs for your living space and other rooms throughout your home. With a dedicated creative team and a passion for creating pieces which really add something to your home, Massimo’s enthusiasm can be felt in each and every one of the pieces in their collections. As they say themselves they are a company that is committed to offering excellent quality, service and competitive pricing.

One of the real stand out features of all rugs created and manufactured by Massimo is that they’re hand-knotted, handwoven and even hand-loomed in some instances, putting the personal touch in each piece and ensuring the quality of each piece matches its undeniable contemporary style. Every rug in the Massimo Collection is unique and uses these centuries’ old techniques to create pieces which become central to your home and are designed to last. Massimo strive to create this connection between the cutting edge contemporary styles that consumers want and their traditional production methods, ensuring that the two fuse together in perfect harmony. Alongside their exceptional production methods and commitment to quality, Massimo also select their yarns with care, ensuring these too are only of the highest quality and they include everything from responsibly sourced New Zealand wool to Kilim wool and even pure leathers.

Taking a closer look at their expansive collections Massimo has taken great time and energy to create versatility within their range with some pieces designed to take centre stage, such as the bold and bright Lopez collection whilst others simply add the softness and warmth a room needs, such as the Earth and RYA collections. Returning to that pure leather inclusion, the luxurious Leather range stands out and can be chosen in a range of sizes and styles to suit your space.

Another key feature of Massimo as a design house is their commitment to ethical production of their products, even whilst using these exceptional crafting methods. They are dedicated to the ethos of the Care & Fair organisation which guarantees that no child labour is used in the production of their rugs and highlights their commitment to high quality production without a devastating human cost.

Massimo is a company which demonstrates a lot of love for its collections and its customers. They create pieces which they want to become focal points in your home, which you will enjoy for many years and which become highly cherished and enjoyed throughout their lifetime within your living space or wherever you choose to place them.

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