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LSA design and manufacture beautiful glassware suitable for homes, hotels, B&BS, restaurants and bars. All of their products are produced in the EU and the large majority are hand-blown by skilled craftsmen, using traditional techniques. The LSA range is substantial and the majority of their products are Glasses, Vases, Jugs, decanters, ice buckets, bowls, serving dishes and much more. LSA also product a range called the ‘Paddle’ which is a range of paddle-like platters crafted from solid oak, made to complement their glassware products.   

LSA was co-founded by the Lubkowski family who still own the company today. The Designer and Creative Director of LSA is Monica Lubkowska-Jonas, the daughter of co-founder Janusz Lubkowski. Monica has a great passion for the design and development of products and has the ability to create product that are timeless. She does this by exploring the relationship between contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, which is what makes LSA the brand it is today. The business thrives and they continue to create interesting designer glassware for any home or the best hotel, without compromising on functionality, appearance or quality. Since it’s bristh in the 1960s, LSA has grown to become a leading high-end glassware and accessories brand, with their products in many stores throughout the UK and Europe.

The reason that this exceptional brand has become so popular and such a prestigious brand to have in your home is because LSA have a very large understanding of the qualities of raw materials and the remarkable potential of hand-blown glass. Combined with artisans true skill and technicality, alongside modern moulding techniques and tools, there is a vast selection of products that can be made, and this is what LSA have done. Almost every product that is produced by LSA has an element of glass, however now they are exploring other raw materials such as oak and porcelain.

Glass manufacturing probably isn’t one of the most eco-friendly industries so LSA have done their very best to be as efficient and kind to the environment as possible. They have introduced a new range called the Mia collection which each and every piece is made from 100% recycled glass. The Mia collection comprises of 14 individual pieces, ranging from Glasses and Carafes to Vases and glass dishes. This range highlights the beauty of recycled glass with it’s transparent with a green tinge colour. Some of the products are also finished with cork stoppers or oak accessories to complete the look.

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