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Keith Brymer Jones Pestle and Mortar - Crush

The Pestel and Morter has been specially designed to allow you to crush your herbs, seeds or spices ..

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Keith Brymer Jones

If you're looking for a distinctive piece of homeware then you've come to the right place. Keith Brymer Jones is a British ceramic designer who has been creating stylish pieces for the home for over twenty years.

Keith Brymer Jones began his career hand producing pieces of porcelain and earthenware for the kitchen and dining room. His style is functional with each of his pieces designed for everyday use whilst his passion ensures that his work is different from every other brand on the market. Happy for his work to be sold both on the high street and by key online partners, such as Naken Interiors, Keith's innovative designs have proven very popular within the UK.

Although Keith is used to working alone on his pieces, drawing on his own inspiration, he has also worked with a wide raqnge of other designers including Neisha Crosland, Martin Wiscombe and Rachel Barker. This has proved highly successful and many exclusive ranges have come out of it. But the beauty fo Keith's work is that nothing elaborate is involved. Keith's style is traditional, simple and elegant - making it a welcome addition to a modern home or a period one.

Keith Brymer Jone's classic white range has a contemporary, modest style. Each piece has been embellished with a single word or phrase which is in keeping with today's modern world such as the use of hashtags and slang. Using a retro typewriter style font, Keith has stayed true to his traditional routes whilst the bold pops of colour add a great twist. Due to the uniqueness of the range, you're able to mix and match pieces to suit your needs. Combine it with other pieces from Keith Brymer Jones or seperate dinnerware collections to create your own dinner set.

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