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Contemporary Italian lighting brand Karman has produced modern and artistic Pendant, Wall, Floor, Table, Ceiling, Outdoor Lights and Chandeliers. These unique and quirky designer lights will suit any modern interior design scheme. 

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Innovative luxury lighting brand, Karman, design and manufacture diverse, iconic and pioneering light designs for your domestic or commercial interior space with the brand’s roots to Italian province is at the heart of every product designed. Karman strives to create luxury lights that are different in style as well as how each design diffuses the light. Most of the light’s featured in this quirky brand’s product portfolio has a sculptural and ornamental feel to them so when the lights are turned off the designs are still an integral design feature to your space. The CEO Davide Diamantini endeavours to create a brand that devises a series of high-quality lights that will cause a reaction whether it is emotion or curiosity, similar to how light itself transforms a space and is a continuous source of inspiration as it allows you to see things differently. Despite looking to create new and state-of-the-art light designs, the designers behind this iconic, eccentric brand are always conscious of traditionally styled lights for designs that are inventive yet authentic and timeless with new and old factors working together for light designs that blend together for truly beautiful light designs.

Karman consists of multiple Italian designers that all bring something different to the brand’s extensive lighting collection with inspiration ranging from nature to architecture to technology to art and cinema. The following Karman Pendant Lights, Karman Wall Lights, Karman Floor Lamps, Karman Table Lamps, Karman Ceiling Lights, Karman Outdoor Lighting and Karman Chandeliers are all incredibly unique yet many of the designs are constructed from the same high-quality materials for a coherent collection that allows you to mix and match the different lights to enable you to create a mesmerising light display in your home, restaurant, bar or other commercial space. The contemporary lights by Karman are constructed from six materials; concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, fabrics and glass. Concept and storytelling are essential to Karman’s design and success with every spectacular light design having something to say through decorative detailing or embodiment of real-life objects, animals and everyday forms. The designers believe that when you switch on a light you should create an optical masterpiece that will not only make everything in your room visible, it will make the light itself visible too as its own ornamental light design.

Discover this new and exciting brand’s vast array of beautifully constructed luxury lights that are incredibly well made with concepts that will transform your space and instil character and inquisitiveness to your space.  

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