Designer Indoor Gardening Accessories

Bring the outdoor garden to your indoors with a range of stylish and modern indoor garden accessories, from watering cans to contemporary greenhouses, browse the extensive collection below.
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Blomus Aguo Watering Can

With a smart profile and stylish elegance behind it, the AGUO Stainless Steel Watering Can by Blomus..

from £89.00
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Zuiver Farma Jug

The Farma Jug by renowned Dutch luxury homeware brand, Zuiver, is part of the Farma series that enco..

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Design House Stockholm Flower Pot Stand


Ex Tax: £150.00 Feefo logo
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Blomus Grado Thermometer

Designed to allow you to monitor the outdoor temperature, the Blomus Grado Thermometer will acc..

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Design House Stockholm Greenhouse Mini


Ex Tax: £188.33 Feefo logo

Blomus Greens Mister

Designed to allow you to effectively water your indoor plants, the Blomus Greens Mister feature..

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Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse


from £25.00
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Blomus Limbo Watering Can

The LIMBO Watering Can has a profile which mirrors the design of a piece of modern pottery or cerami..

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Röshults Linne Anthracite Planter

With a choice of sizes and a smooth, sleek finish, the Linne Anthracite Planter by Roshults is beaut..

from £439.00
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Blomus Planto Watering Can

With a unique rounded appearance, the Blomus PLANTO Watering Can has a soft feel which has a smooth-..

from £59.00
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Ferm Living Wall-Mounted Plant Holder

Suitable for outdoor use, the Wall-Mounted Plant Holder is designed by Danish design house, ferm LIV..

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Indoor Greenhouses, Watering Cans and other Indoor Plants and Flower Accessories for your Home.

When ornamenting your home or commercial space, it is important to acknowledge decorative accessories other than just artwork and sculptures. An indoor garden can completely transform your interior design space, not only do plants have a variety of health benefits, but the rich colours and organic forms can bring a natural world appearance to your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. However, an indoor garden cannot be maintained without the essential accessories, the modern and contemporary brands that market such products in our collection include Blomus, Zuiver, Design House Stockholm, Ferm Living and Roshults. Browse through stylish accessories that will assist you in keeping your plants, succulents, and flowers in excellent condition. 

Design House Stockholm has developed utterly charming greenhouses that enable you to see the progress of your gorgeous growing plant, the greenhouses shown in this collection are of various sizes, therefore you have an option for any sized room. The greenhouses shown are artistic interpretations that combine sculpture with nature, these individual forms will be an eye-catching and intriguing element within your interior design space. Additionally, Blomus offer a selection of accessories that can assist your gardening experience, including luxurious watering cans, a thermometer and mister, all are constructed out of matt stainless steel to blend within a minimal and modern design scheme. Brands including Ferm Living and Roshults cater to how you could display your plants, both planters in this collection convey a minimal design with neutral colourways, allowing you to easily coordinate either within your colour scheme. If you require plant pots for your existing plants there are plenty of stylish plant pots and vases that you can dress up your indoor garden with. 

Explore the full range of the fascinating and imaginative greenhouses, watering cans and more in the Indoor Garden Accessories collection above or discover even more for your homegrown garden in our dedicated Indoor Garden Collection. 

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