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This modern collection by Finnish interior design brand Himmee has a range of minimally designed floor lamps, pendants and table lamps. Made from a durable organic concrete and contemporary oak wood. 

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Himmee Filly Long Neck Floor Lamp

The Himmee Filly Long Neck Floor Lamp is the tallest in the whole Himmee collection and provides an ..

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Himmee Filly Table Lamp

Committed to design which doesn’t compromise or cut corners, the Himmee Filly Table Lamp is an excep..

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Himmee Filly Short Neck Floor Lamp

The Filly Short Neck Floor Lamp by Himmee embraces a modern and minimalist design and the effort and..

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Himmee Lento Pendant Light

Himmee has produced a collection of three iconic and stylish pendant lights. The Lento Pendant Light..

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Himmee Toad Table Lamp

In the naming and creation of the Toad Table Lamp the designer behind Himmee is showing their playfu..

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Modern Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and Pendants

The Finnish interior design brand Himmee was founded by creative entrepreneur and designer Timo Niskanen in 2014. Niskanen worked as a woodwork class teacher when he moved forward with his dream to create a collection of lamps and each lamp in the Himmee collection is simply designed to show off high quality, good design, without compromises or calculation.

Niskanen’s designing life began the same as many peoples, with Lego as a child and he turned design into his career in education, then moving forward into creative and designer production of his own range. Passionate about his creations and committed to producing something with pure style and good design at its heart, Himmee was born and Niskanen can be proud of his own lighting brand.

At Naken Interiors we have a wide range of the minimalistic, highly function and wonderfully designed lamps. Himmee lamps are designed in a range of sizes with a number of different functionalities, from whole room lighting to side tables and pendant ceiling lighting. The simple, clean lines of Himmee products makes them a wonderful addition to a minimalist space in any home.

The lamps and pendants created by Himmee are handcrafted and designed with care, with a core focus on Niskanen’s commitment to no compromises. The product range is small but innovative and it is clear this is only the beginning for Niskanen and his vibrant, young brand.

Within the Himmee brand are a number of different pieces within individual collections. The Himmee Filly collection is available in a number of sizes and incorporates a simple, organic stand and a carefully crafted lampshade. The Lento pendant range in contrast has a starker monochromatic appearance and three bold, typically Scandinavian-designed geometric shapes to choose from when it comes to the pendant. Niskanen’s range isn’t without humour as the Toad Lamp is inspired by and named for a character in the Nintendo video game Super Mario and there is a playfulness to the design of Himmee products which makes them stand out even further.

The versatility in the product range means there are Himmee lamps suitable for almost any space in your home. Their range includes everything from small table lamps which are ideal for the office desk or bedroom side table to large floor standing lamps which could adequately light a living or dining space. The pendants too are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens which need a little extra style.

Please look below to browse the full range of Himmee products available at Naken Interiors.

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