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Contemporary Designer Kids Rugs by Harlequin

The Kids Rugs Collection contains bold, vibrant and modern rugs suitable for any children play area. Browse designer rugs such as the Funky Flower Hot Pink Rug, Boogie Woogie Marine and many more. 

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Designer Playful Kids Rugs

If you are seeking a bright, fun and vibrant, 100% pure new wool floor rug for your kid’s bedroom, playroom or nursery, the Harlequin Kids Rug range incorporates beautiful fusions of colours, fun and imaginative illustrated characters and classic, on-trend patterns such as spots and stripes. A floor rug is not only a practical warm and soft surface for your floor, it is also a method of injecting matching design into your interior design scheme. The following luxury floor rugs have been designed to match the Harlequin Kids Wallpapers enabling you to create a coherent, fun and bold interior design space.

The Harlequin Kids Rugs are suitable for a range of ages ranging from baby to toddler. The Harlequin Kids Rugs that feature a young and imaginative aesthetic, the Harlequin Polly Pirouette Candy 42502 Rug, Reggie Robot Marine 42408 Rug, What A Hoot Rug in both Pastel and Candy and the Home Tweet Home Candy 42302 Rug all feature a bold and vibrant woven illustrative design with numerous shapes, colours and popular characters that your children will love. If you are seeking a luxury, contemporary floor rug for the slightly older age range Harlequin have designed a vibrant range of patterned rugs that feature classic, repeat patterns ranging from stripes to spots to lines. The Harlequin Lulu 445601 Rug and the Lulu Saffron 44603 Rug features a delightful, on-trend series of multi-coloured/ multi-toned small triangles that are arranged in a playful manner. Both of the Lulu Rug colourways are extremely beautiful with the contrasting colours and shades making for a sophisticated yet vibrant design. Many of the luxury Harlequin Kids Rugs feature vibrant colour palettes and eye-catching design that will mesmerise your children and will add a pop of colour to their own interior décor space. Decorate their room with a concoction of spots, stripes, rectangles or illustrations by choosing a fun and modern kids floor rug featured below. Other on-trend floor rug designs by Harlequin feature a classic stripe design. The Harlequin Boogie Woogie Sorbet 42002 Rug and the Harlequin Boogie Woogie Marine 420008 Rug both feature four wide stripes that have been constructed through four equally spaced small lines in the particular colour for a mesmerising rug design. The Harlequin Boogie Woogie Marine 42008 Rug features a close colour palette of dark blue, sky blue, teal blue and eye-catching spring green on a background of off-white for a cohesive colour palette that will suit both blue and green interior décor spaces. The Harlequin Boogie Woogie Sorbet 42002 Rug features a slightly more contrasting palette of warm pink and orange tones with a stripe of cool teal blue resulting in a luxury floor rug design that will add colourful impact. A unique wallpaper rug featured on the following page is the Harlequin Funky Flower Hot Pink 42702 Rug is a circular rug design that features a flower head constructed from numerous pink, white and orange petals with a circular yellow centre for a bright and uplifting fusion of warm colours.

All of the following luxury Harlequin floor rugs are available in numerous sizes allowing you to choose a contemporary floor rug that will suit your space. If you would like to find out more about this iconic brand and their extensive luxury home furnishing product portfolio, please visit the Harlequin brand page to find out more.

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