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Ferm Living

Ferm Living take a very different approach when it comes to designing and manufacturing their interior design products. They pride themselves on adding those perfect touches of love and care into each and every piece, to create a warm and welcoming ambience to any particular home. Based in Scandinavia, Ferm Living began its journey when founder, Trine Anderson, decided to create a graphic design studio back in 2005. A woman with fresh and innovative ideas, Trine began to come up with sensational interior design home accessories, and the inspiration just kept on coming.

The wonderful things about the Ferm Living collection is that there really is that homely, warm sense that a lot of time and thought has been put into creating each and every item. For instance, the first ever wallpaper design came about because Trine had a specific vision of what she wanted to be printed on her wall, and she let her inspiration flow out into fabulous design creations. If you wish to make your house a home, then the Ferm Living collection is, without a doubt, the perfect way to do so. As the Danish company began to gradually prosper, not once did Trina forget about where the process began, and kept things well and truly grounded. The collection, however, grew and grew at an astounding rate as people started to lap up the unusual, yet homely, design accessories for the home.

There are now a wide range of products to choose between, and whichever item you decide, one thing will remain the same; every piece has been made with love. Whether you are looking for Ferm Living cushions, wallpaper or wall stickers, there are endless possibilities that will be sure to make your house a home. Additionally, using a range of high-quality materials, all items in the Ferm Living collection will last in your interior design for a number of years to come. Just remember, it’s something the smaller things that can really make that all important difference to your home. 

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