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Engblad & Co Wallpaper

Contemporary Designer Wallpaper by Engblad & Co Wallpaper

Scandinavian brand Eco wallpaper have a selection of modern and contemporary wallpaper designs from collections, Black & White, Mix Metallic and White. Each collection range in bold and delicate patterns suitable for all interior design schemes. 

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Contemporary and Modern Wallpapers

Founded in 1844, Eco Wallpaper is Scandinavia’s oldest brand of wallpaper and continues to resonate strongly in the interior design market. Their designs are simple and muted yet modern preserving a homely feel that exhibits feelings of relaxation. The name ‘Eco’ derives from the original brand name of ‘Engblad and Co. – the founder and company. Ever since the brand was founded in the nineteenth century Eco Wallpaper have collaborated with contemporary, internationally renowned designers and architects. This innovative approach to their work has ensured that new trends are made and as a result the company have been recognised for this and have been awarded with prestigious worldwide awards over the years in wallpaper design.

The designers behind the Eco brand are inspired by everything that they see and see wallpaper designs in everyday life. The designers seek to create designs that are new and unique as well as find inspiration from the ordinary. The designers work with the brand’s set of four keywords consisting of; surprising, curious, forward thinking and contemporary. The prints are made to reflect a range of interior spaces allowing your personality to shine in your own home. Production takes place in the company’s factory situated in Boras, Sweden. Sustainability is of huge importance to the Eco Wallpaper brand and the company works with environmental awareness in mind. The brand’s goal is to have the least possible environmental impact in their manufacturing process. The papers used are sourced from North European groups and one of the world’s most environmentally friendly forestry operations. As well as the paper source the brand only use water based solvents and do not use PVC or harmful solvents on their products.

One of the Eco Wallpaper collections that we stock here at Naken Interiors is the White Light is a collection. The collection is entirely in white however you will find a selection of patterns that enchant, shimmer, glitter and play with shadows resulting in a wide variation of designs. Eco wallpaper’s products decorate walls throughout the world and this is what their brand is built on acting as their starting point when they create new designs. It is of extreme importance that the brand’s stylish wallpaper patterns reflect current interior design trends and the contemporary designers are consistent with new inspiration that is always up to date. The collections range from geometric shapes, small intricate patterns, and feminine florals however the majority of the collections are derived from a very subdued and muted colour palette that reflects simplicity, zen and soft harmonies. The Eco Wallpaper showroom is based in Sweden and at Naken Interiors we have selected a diverse range of what the designers at Eco Wallpapers have to offer from their range of innovative and unique wallpapers. 

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