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Designer Indoor Greenhouses by Design House Stockholm

The Greenhouses Collection from Nordic brand Design House Stockholm contains modern ‘hygge’ greenhouses for your Nordic interior design space. The designer greenhouses within this stylish collection are made from ash wood and glass. 

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Design House Stockholm Greenhouse Mini

A room within a room for nature. Designer duo Atelier 2+ have created a greenhouse that is small eno..

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Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse

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Designer Greenhouses

Contemporary Scandinavian brand, Design House Stockholm, consist of numerous designers, both established and unfamiliar, that work on individual projects on behalf of the brand for a vast collection of new and innovative luxury home furnishings and accessories that are full of personality and character. The following page displays the unique and innovative indoor greenhouses that are perfect if you do not have an outdoor garden space.

Design House Stockholm aims to gather a collection of the very best designers both established and unknown for a collection of new, innovative and unique luxury, contemporary home products. The Publishing house ensures that all designers work towards creating modern products that reference back to traditional design for timeless designs with strong Scandinavian aesthetic perspective for a collection of designs that outlives temporary trends. ‘Hygge’ is a classic Danish/ Norwegian concept of ‘living well’ that can be achieved through home comforts such as food, clothing, light and interiors. Indoor plants are an important and a recommended factor to help you achieve contentment and therefore hygge. Indoor plants emit oxygen and help you bring the outside in through winter months or if you cannot gain access to a garden or allotment. The following page displays a unique greenhouses that have been designed to allow you to plant your own indoor garden for a beautiful and relaxing home furnishing piece that will suit any room of your home or commercial space. The Freestanding Greenhouse has been constructed by designers Worapong and Ada Chirakranont. The pair have designed the Freestanding Greenhouse on behalf of Design House Stockholm as a way of interpreting the concept of ’handmade’ regarding the handmade concept of the Greenhouse’s design and the handmade concept of gardening. Nature is an integral part of the Swedish culture and scenery with the countries’ approach to nature being extremely positive and thought through. Worapong and Ada Chirakranont have designed the Free Standing Greenhouse as an ode to their stay in Sweden. The Free Standing Greenhouse has been designed to replicate a house on stilts for a quirky and characteristic home feature. The majority of the design has been made using ash wood in either natural ash or dark grey ash colouring. The ‘house’ greenhouse features glass panels with the two long side glass panels being fixed on hinges that allow you to lift the panels up to gain access to the plants/ gardens. The large size of the Freestanding Greenhouse will encourage you to design and plant a small garden that is incredibly impressive. If you are seeking an indoor greenhouse that will take up less space, the Greenhouse Mini is a much smaller version with the design featuring a simple, half house greenhouse design with a flat base allowing you to place it on your windowsill, cabinet or coffee table for a natural centrepiece. The grow Greenhouse is a quirky and characteristic glass pod that is designed for a singular plant. The top of the egg-shaped pod can be taken off and used as a water jug to water the plant with its small and discrete pourer.

To find out more about the other products in the Design House Stockholm collection and everything else in their range, please visit the Design House Stockholm brand page.

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