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David Derksen Design

Dutch brand David Derksen Design has a selection of contemporary products. The Copper Lights range products are eye-catching in design and uniquely made from natural and handmade materials. Browse the collection and blend the products with your modern design scheme. 

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David Derksen Design

Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and going on to study Industrial Design at masters level at Industrial Design TU Delft, David Derksen has put his education, considerable talent and original vision to work in creating pieces for his company, David Derksen Design. He balances this against teaching at university level and working in an inspirational collective workspace in Rotterdam, which is home to artists’ and designers’ studios.

David Derksen Design pieces are produced on a small scale with precision, extreme attention to detail and a close eye on the engineered nature of many of the designs. His range includes smaller pieces of furniture and lighting and he has become known as a leading industrial designer across Holland and further abroad.

Derksen is preoccupied and focused on the natural workings and the natural behaviour of materials in their natural state. Derksen is precise and takes things down to the atomic level, in an attempt to truly be immersed in the materials abilities and how it can be used. Understanding each material he uses intrinsically allows the design to create pieces with natural grace and beauty which is effortlessly stylish and tells a story. Many of the pieces in the David Derksen Design collection offer up the natural and fascinating way in which the chosen materials behave and also allow the piece to become a central discussion point in any living space.

Derksen’s products include those which focus on natural woods as well as metals with copper one of the prominent materials used in his creations. The Copper Lights range uses the simplicity of thin copper sheeting manipulated in many ways to create stand out shapes which catch the light as well as illuminating your space. Each copper light piece produced by David Derksen Design is folded and hand assembled in the Netherlands and because the copper chosen is natural the hues of the individual piece are different for every customers, creating a truly original piece for any home. The same principles come into play in Derksen’s Wooden Light which uses laser cut beech wood veneer with an inner film which creates further reflections and patterns with the light.

There’s a versatility to David Derken Design pieces which allows them to fit seamlessly into many different environments. They do have an overriding industrial and engineered feel which can easily blend in with other modern industrial pieces in your home. The lighting pieces are powerful enough to work in their own right or with other pieces of the collection alongside them, which further highlights just how versatile this range can be.

David Derken Design epitomises modern industrial design with a spark of clever thought from the scientific mind of its creator. The precision in each piece is clear, as is the high quality of the materials chosen and the way they’re put together. Even the smallest elements are pored over to ensure truly stellar products which characterise high quality modern design.

You can view out full range of David Derken Design pieces below.

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