The Khayma Rug Collection by Louis De Poortere

Explore the modern and contemporary range of rugs by Louis De Poortere, this stylish Khayma collection consists of the Khayma Farrago, Fairfield Rug and the Agadir Rug. 

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Established in Kortrijk in 1859, Louis De Poortere have stayed true to their famous Flemish tradition throughout the years, their talented designers and creators have generated several collections of beautifully made rugs and carpets. Each stunning collection focuses on producing unique and inspiring designs suitable for all types of interior design schemes. The Khayma collection consists of three types of designer rugs including the Farrago, Agadir and Fairfield, each rug focuses on oriental patterns, patchworks and tribal designs that each bring a unique modern aesthetic to your design scheme. 

The Farrago range concentrates on the mixture of colourful and detailed designs that are formed of various intriguing patchworks. Each version of the Farrago rug is created with in-depth patterns that are reinforced by the vibrant colourways that are available, the overdye colouration produces several tones and layers that evoke a distressed vintage appearance. The Farrago rug is available in eight rich colours options, some include palmyra gold, tuareg blue and mirage red therefore if you are enticed by the brilliantly vibrant colours the Farrago rug is a perfect option for the rooms of your home or commercial space. If you prefer a subtle colour theme for your design space, the Fairfield range could be your desired look. Focusing on a classic Persian style design, the timeless medallion pattern is complete with an intricate border that evokes an antique aesthetic the Fairfield rug is available in a range of neutral colour schemes including shades of pale blues, greens and greys. In comparison to the vintage appearance of the two other rugs within this creative collection, the Agadir rug range takes inspiration from the tribal designs of the Atlas region. The renowned Louis De Poortere distressed texture is integrated into the neutral colour options and completed with a unique pattern fixed on top. This modern and contemporary style portrayed within the Agadir rug will add depth and texture to any minimal design space. 

Each designer rug is available in four different sizes, the smallest measuring 140cm x 200cm and the largest measuring 230cm x 330cm, therefore there is a size suitable for various interior spaces. Composed of 100% high-quality cotton made with an accurate jacquard flat weave that conveys the contemporary mechanical technology to sustain precision within each design that is shown. Each rug within this collection is completed with a natural anti-slip latex back, reducing the risk of slipping. It is recommended that to keep the vibrancy within the rug of a high quality it should be professionally cleaned only.  

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