White & Light Wallpaper Collection by Engblad & Co Wallpaper

The White & Light Collection by stylish wallpaper brand Eco Wallpaper contains designer wallpapers such as Light Arctic 1703 Wallpaper, Brocade 1724 Wallpaper, Light Clay 1733 Wallpaper and many more. Each designer wallpaper has subtle off-white geometric, textured and floral patterns.

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Modern Wallpaper, White Wallpaper, Grey and White Wallpaper and Off White Wallpaper from Engblad and Co

Engblad & Co Wallpaper is a unique and high-quality brand that are always working with up and coming trends resulting in wallpaper designs that are adorned throughout the world. White Light collection by Engblad & Co Wallpaper is an array of white and off-white designs in floral, stripes, soft textured prints, squares, geometric shapes and many other incredibly subtle white prints. Engblad & Co White Light is a collection entirely in white. But it is so much more than that. Here you will find patterns that captivate, shimmer, glitter and play with shadows, and in some cases even flirt with the past. This simple yet beautiful collection features a wide spectrum white ensuring that there is a luxury designer wallpaper covering for any interior design taste. To get the right mix and feel in the collection, Eco Wallpaper have both modernized the brand’s old favourites and also experimented with more unexpected colour patterns and dressed them in purest white.

The Engblad & Co Wallpaper White Light Pixel Stripe design is a prime example of how Eco have create a soft and incredibly subtle wallpaper design with the smallest detail of a unique and on-trend wall look. The boldest of the Engblad & Co White & Light designs is the White Light Strip in medium and large that features two close white colours of a classic vertical stripe.

This unique and high-quality brand are always working with up and coming trends resulting in wallpaper designs that are adorned throughout the world. It is important that wallpaper designs are on-trend but are not going to fall out of fashion. Engblad & Co Wallpaper ensure that they incorporate traditional elements in their designs whether it is worldwide culture, art or history Eco Wallpaper ensure that their designs are contemporary yet timeless.

To find out more about the other products in the Eco Wallpaper collection and everything else in their range, please visit the Eco Wallpaper brand page.